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Dave lee

i’m a workplace learning professional based in Boston, massachusetts.  i grew up in sandusky, ohio, but often think of boston as my hometown, having spent 16 years and counting of my adult life living there.  i recently returned to the boston area from Palm springs, california.   (i know, seems crazy, but i came to the conclusion that palm springs is a better place to retire to than to make a living.)  i recently moved here from san francisco.

i came to learning in an indirect fashion. my undergraduate degree was in accounting and philosophy (i’ve always credited the duality of my degree to my being a gemini!) and I spent the first three years of my life after school as an accountant. but as i studied for the cpa examination, i realized i didn’t want to be doing that work the rest of my life. I left accounting with a goal of becoming a mid-level manager by the time I was 30 (which I achieved). I knew I had the bean counting experience, so I decided to seek out a sales position to provide myself with that experience as well.

Eventually, a headhunter in cleveland, ohio zeroed in on a position he thought would be perfect for me. it wasn’t until the third round of interviews that I was told the position was to a be a college textbook rep for Prentice-Hall. It was while working as a rep in Lansing, Michigan and in Boston that I discovered the education profession.

My inspiration came particularly from working with English as a Second Language professionals. I remember having lunch with Bill biddle who was the director of the ESL programs at Harvard. I asked bill how he motivated himself when he was running one of the most successful programs in Harvard’s Extension School yet he was making as little as a 3rd of what his peers who were running the less successful programs. his response was,

“I do it for the stars.”

“The stars?” I asked.

“When these students finally understand how to communicate what they want to communicate after struggling to understand the idiosyncrasies of english, they light up. they get stars in their eyes.”

Well ever since then, I’ve worked to help the learners I’ve had the fortune of helping in their quest reach for the stars. I enjoy helping people understand what they need to know to exceed their goals. learning is life blood for humans and helping others to learn is a joy.

When I was 16, my grandfather pulled me aside at a family event and said to me,

“son, make sure you find something to do for your work that you love. You’ll spend most of the waking hours of your life doing whatever it is you choose to do. So you better enjoy doing it.”

i can say that i’ve heeded my grandfather’s sage advice and I’m glad that I did.

outside of my work, i have the joy of having Todd Rodrigue as my life-partner who is supportive and lifts my soul everyday and the unconditional love of our black lab Diva.  I enjoy singing, bicycling, hiking, spending time with my friends, reading, and surfing the web for new discoveries and ideas.

I’ve had the great opportunity to travel extensively both in North America and abroad for both business and for pleasure.

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