why eelearning? and lowercase letters?

so let me answer a couple of questions i get all the time: why eelearning? and why all lower case letters?

why eelearning?

when i first started eelearning and had to create a url for it, i tried for elearning.typepad.com. unfortunately, as you will see if you hit the link back there, that url was already taken by ankush gupta of mumbai, india. the ironic part of that situation was that ankush and i ended up communicating and then when i was recruiting authors for learning circuits blog i wanted a voice from india – and ankush fit the bill nicely.

with that avenue closed off, i wracked my brain to come up with another name. well, inspiration hit me when i decided to try a tribute to one of my favorite american poets, e e cummings. and thus, e e learning – the blog – was born.

why all the lower case letters?

hopefully it’s obvious were the idea came from. at the time, i thought it would be a nice marketing ploy. ya, know. “have you seen that nut who doesn’t use capital letters in his blog?” that’s worked fairly well. stephen downes occasionally makes fun of my lack of capital letters when he mentions a post from eelearning. it also is a tribute to e e cummings, who i’ve admired since elementary school. his innovativeness and willingness to take risks to communicate his message is beautiful.

have a look at my post on the lack of capital letters for more on why i like it and will keep on avoiding the shift keys when posting to eelearning. (of course, with the css command text-transform: lowercase; it’s a heck of a lot easier!)

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