the categories

i thought I’ve give a brief explanation of the categories for eelearning’s posts. the categories breakdown into two groups – content and organizational.

content categories – these seven categories represent the actual content of the posts on eelearning.

strategic learning – how does learning assure that is adds value to the corporate strategy? topics i include in the category are measurement and reporting, aligning with business strategy, needs assessment, and marketing learning’s value.

leadership and change – learning is a critical component of any change management effort

web 2.0 and other technology – how can new technologies be leveraged to aid learning

learning and motivation – current thought and research on how and why humans learn

informal learning – 70 to 80% of workplace knowledge is learned outside of formal settings. how can this learning be energized and directed for strategic ends? what tools can be used to help assure employeees learn what is needed in order for them to meet their goals?

the flattening world – how is the changing world economy and culture effecting learning and development? what are the economic factors behind outsourcing and offshoring? how do we reach global organzations across borders and language and culture differences?

random thoughts – just in case I want to write about something that has nothing to do with these other catagories!

organizational categories – these categories just help me organize some of the content on eelearning. they’re more for my use than informational, but if you find them helpful, cool!

eelearning – posts in this category are administrative announcements about eelearning.

the big question – these are my posts in response to the learning circuits blog’s monthly feature, the big question.

uncategorized – hopefully there won’t be any posts in this category. if there are, it just means i goofed and haven’t categorized a post yet.

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