Connecting to eelearning

Whether you are new to eelearning, or you’ve been a reader in the past when i was publishing on typepad, the following links are provided to help you connect with me, eelearning and the other readers of my occasional thoughts on learning in general and workplace learning specifically.

If you have eelearning listed in your blogroll on your blog or a list of favorite resource sites on a web page, please change the link to if you don’t currently have eelearning in your blogroll, please consider it! 😉

white background of course, i hope you will save eelearning to or your favorite social bookmarking addition, please think about bookmarking your favorite posts on eelearning individually as well.feel free to include “eelearning” amongst your tags. if you click on the icon to the left, you’ll see all the content on tagged as “eelearning.”
white background rss direct rss feed if you click on the orange button, you will see the direct rss feed page for eelearning. grab the url and stick it in your rss news aggregator/reader and you’ll be able to keep up with whatever i’m writing about here on eelearning.
white background feedburner feedburner feed or you can use my feedburner feed which some folks like better than the raw rss feed versioning issues. this is also a good option if you don’t have a news aggregator, the feedburner feed shows up in feedburner’s reader by default.
white background technorati technorati tracks over 75 million blogs worldwide. if you have a technorati account, you can make eelearning one of your favorite sites on technorati by clicking on the icon to the left.


mybloglog join the eelearning community on mybloglog. click on the logo to the left to go to the eelearning community. if you aren’t a member of mybloglog, think about joining. it’s free.

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