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i started eelearning in january 2004 with a simple goal – to share my bookmarks with my colleagues at work. social bookmarking tools like del.icio.us, blinklist, and furl didn’t exist yet. but blogs were becoming all the rage and so I figured a blog might be the best route to go.

a look at my first posts and you’ll see that most of my early posts are just annotated lists of websites. (check o1st  eelearning mastheadut evaluation resources links or learning theory resource links) but quickly i began blogging about topics that were important to me and my colleagues regarding the influx of new technologies – like blogs – and how they might be used to enhance learning. as it turns out, eelearning was among the first blogs to discuss issues regarding workplace learning.

by the summer of 2004, I had been noticed 2nd eelearning mastheadby George Siemens and Stephen Downes who both praised eelearning an noted that it was among the few workplace learning blogs on the internet. While I may not be the most prolific blogger in the blogosphere, I have developed a solid readership over the years.

in may 2006, eelearning was named to human resources executive magazine’s best of the bloggers list. (the other learning blog named was Jay Cross’s internet time blog.)

2 responses

9 12 2007

A very cool elearning site. congrats!

9 12 2007
Dave Lee

thanks joliviera!

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