i must have needed it

15 04 2008

how do you explain an impromptu seven month hiatus from blogging activity? the best one i’ve come up with so far is the line my mother always used when i slept in late or caught an unplanned nap in the afternoon. “well you must have needed it.”

it’s as good an explanation as i can come up with.

After four years of blogging on eelearning, three years managing learning circuits blog, a job search that was not working (it seems be going much better today), personal finances that reflected the lack of success in the job search, and a handful of other personal matters resulted in me coming down with a case of “blogging burn-out.” stressing out to post “something” just because the clock passed midnight once again became less and less fun and more and more onerous.

I even contemplated shutting eelearning down. then i considered a facelift. i even had a new name (eeVolution) and new masthead. then i realized i didn’t need to create more work for myself. i needed to pare down the work i had on my plate to projects which i can focus my limited time. i decided to resign from the online community leader role for LCB, stop trying to participate in every known online community (LinkedIn is now the only one I try to visit every day, Facebook still gets some time), pull the plug on my consultancy business, redouble my full-time job search efforts, and regenerate eelearning while putting eelearning wiki and my obsession with Web 2.0 tools in suspended animation for the time being.

it seems to be working. life is a bit more manageable. my six month hiatus has led to me rethink what I want to publish here, review what I’ve done over the past four years, and reflect on why i blog. i’ll provide these insights over the next several weeks.

i guess Mom’s right. i must have needed this seven month nap. i know i feel renewed about writing eelearning. i hope it will show through in what you read!

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One response

19 04 2008
Dave Ferguson

There’s a Quaker maxim, “Proceed as the way opens.” One thing it means is that if the way isn’t open, you don’t need to proceed.

It’s good to give yourself time to reflect.

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