a new twist on an old reference

14 08 2007

recently i was goofing off and hit my stumble upon button to see what would come up from the world wide web. i was pleasantly surprised when one of the first sites to come up was visuwords. visuwords touts itself as a graphic visual dictionary. the only online competitor to visuwords that i know of is visual thesaurus which i have reviewed in eelearning wiki.

you can enter any word you’d like to learn more about into visuwords and you will be presented with a virtual tree of not only the word and it’s meaning, but all the words in visuwords that are related to your word. For instance, i entered “blog” and came up with this little two branch tree.

visual dictionary blog example

visuwords wins points over visual thesaurus with it’s very stylish design and easy to read graphics. the graphics are the key to visuwords and a key to the shapes and colors is provided at the bottom of the screen. (see the full image of my “training” tree by clicking on the image below.)

learning example of visuwords

the fact that visuwords is based upon Princeton University’s wordnet – an opensource database constructed by faculty, staff, and students. because the technology used to make visuwords work is also opensource, this powerful resource is available for use at no cost. (visual thesaurus costs a minimum of $19.95/year) the one feature that I noticed visual thesaurus wins out over visuwords is the fact that visual thesaurus organizes the words related to the search word in semantic groupings (similar meaning). visuwords just scatters the related words where ever they best fit on the page.

both tools are fabulous and should receive consideration by students, writers, and anyone else who used to lean on their dictionary for spelling, synonyms and nuances in meaning. while $20 isn’t alot of money, why spend it on visual thesaurus when visuwords is very similar and is free?

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29 08 2010

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