making web 2.0 easier to grasp

29 06 2007

i wandered upon an interesting post by niko coucouvanis on the mac|life site this morning (how i found it? i have no clue!). niko outlines 10 things you don’t know about web 2.0. niko’s goal seems to be to make web 2.0 a bit more palpable to those who are overwhelmed by it all. (who isn’t?) the headlines of his 10 things are:

  1. it’s evolutionary, not revolutionary.
  2. it’s all about the api.
  3. myspace is only the tip of the iceberg.
  4. it modernizes the telephone.
  5. it works for work, too.
  6. your photos can do more than just sit there.
  7. it brings tv to your mac.
  8. some sites have l-o-n-g legs.
  9. there are skeptics.
  10. it’s just getting started.

overall, it seems a bit simple to me, but then i’m immersed in web 2.0 and not generally overwhelmed by it. i do like #1 it’s evolutionary, not revolutionary. i think in our excitement about the latest new applications, that we forget that very few of these are new ideas. sometimes the new packaging opens up new opportunities, but that doesn’t make the concept new. it just makes it flashier.
#4 is probably the most powerful statement of them all. and true. skype and all the other voip applications and web conferencing tools have indeed changed telephony forever. but that’s what the founders of skype set out to do when the decided on their next project after making kazaa a worldwide success.
finally #8 reminded me of one of my favorite early, early, early sites that still exists – deviantart. deviantart was cataloging artwork and other images almost 7 years ago (their home pages announces “only 39 days until our seventh birthday.”) many of the images that are displayed on deviantart would be taken down by flickr for not being photos.

happy birthday in a month, deviantart!

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