collective intelligence excites execs

3 04 2007’s dion hinchcliffe provides a tremendous post covering various research reports regarding corporate use of web 2.0 technologies.  not only does he discuss reports by big boys forrester, gartner, and mckinsey, but he includes a dozen or so other small er reports on related topics. what comes out is that web 2.0 is slipping comfortably into the consciousness of executives despite it’s continued concern about these new tools. what’s catching their attention is the idea of collective intelligence.  capturing and sharing as much knowledge as possible within the organization to accelerate innovation and growth.

this post is a great resource that anyone interested in web 2.0 technologies should consider a must read.

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2 responses

6 04 2007
Stephen Downes

Hm. The execs might not be so excited after they learn that collective intelligence only works if they promote diversity and autonomy in the workplace.

7 04 2007
dave lee

lol … true stephen. some probably think collective intelligence means everyone is going to finally agree with him/her!

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