learning futures markets

15 03 2007

one thing i’ve always liked about Inklingmarket
elliott masie
is that when it comes to new gadgets and toys, he’s like me. he has to play with them now. what’s great about elliott is that he loves to share. the latest toy he’s playing with is inkling’s predictive markets tool. predictive markets are used to gauge possible future trends or reactions to new ideas or products. participants are given a sum of money to invest in the trends, ideas, or products they believe will be successful in the future. this simulation/game approach mimics the real world actions and reactions of groups in dynamic settings.

elliott asks “what will employees, in 2009, use as their primary tools for everyday learning in the workplace?” today is a listing of all the options you can invest your initial $5000 of play money in. you purchase stocks in the technologies which you think have the best bet of being the primary tools in 2009. but added to the mix is the economic incentive to invest in a stock that hasn’t peaked in value yet.

i’m doing pretty good so far as you can see from the box to the left. i’m currently invested in phone/mobile, on-the-job training/learning, unknown technoloMe_so_fargy/techniques, and gaming and simulation.

this specific market has a few problems like the category of eLearning, which truly encompasses many of the others. classroom teaching really isn’t much of a daily learning tool. obviously, “unknown technology/technique” is a bit wide open. elliott did heed the participants calls for adding cellphone/mobile technologies to the list – a glaring miss given the real world.

there is a very lively forum regarding the market that you can participate in as well. all in all a great group tool and lots of fun. although I could be saying that only because i’m doing so well. the market is open until april 1. come on over to inklingmarkets.com and give it a try!



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