am i a blogger?

15 02 2007

once again tom haskins has a post that just sends my brain a spinnin’ (fyi, that’s a good thing in my book). beware of blogging is inspiring at times and a bit depressing at times. tom grasps the way blogging is effecting him and i think many of us as we learn a new way of learning. he says that bloggers are shaking the foundations of what we’ve come to expect in regards to ourselves and the way we interact with the world.

one aspect of what he has to say that has really hit me at home is that if you are posting to a blog and no one is responding then you’re really not participating in the blogosphere and thus not truly a blogger. he feels that a blogger makes a difference when he/she creates reaction and change in those who they are in dialogue with. without commentors, it’s not blogging.

while early on I worried about counting the number of comments I got, realized that I probably would never be one of those bloggers who got 10 comments on every post. heck, take a look and you’ll see that I’m probably lucky if I get 1 every ten posts.

but i’ve come to judge whether my blogging is worthwhile by two other means.

first and foremost, i’m learning. in the three years that i’ve maintained eelearning and the two i’ve served as the blogmeister of learning circuits blog, i’ve learned more than i’d ever image i could, my writing has improved (it still needs work), and i’ve connected with some great people i would have never met if it weren’t for blogging.

second, if i use other statistical guidelines like traffic statistics, technorati rankings and link information, or feedburner stats, i know that i have a growing collection of readers and feed monitors. i wouldn’t be in your feeds and blogrolls if you didn’t value at least part of what I have to offer.

i’m sure tom overstated his case and didn’t mean to exclude me or similar bloggers from his definition of what it means to be a blogger. but his post did make me think about what is important and what makes me consider myself a blogger. to quote martha, “and that’s a good thing.”

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One response

16 02 2007
Karyn Romeis

See my comment on Tom’s post. I reckon if you’re think you’re a blogger, you’re a blogger and no-one gets to tell you any different!

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