holy blidget, batman!

11 02 2007

widgetbox has provided the ultimate tool in grabbing the blogosphere’s best imitation of warhol’s fifteen minutes of fame.  in literally 3 minutes or less, you can create a blidget (i assume it’s short for blog widget
) which features the latest posts from your blog.

what’s so unusual about that? you’re right, nearly every blogging software allows you to do that.  and most rss readers have some means of helping you render any blog’s content on your site.

but a blidget also lets you author a widget that is ready made for anyone coming to widgetbox can load up to their website like any widget.  check it out.  mine is over there in the right sidebar where my "recent posts" list used to be.  or you can check it out for uploading to your computer either in the widgetbox catalog. or by clicking the Getwdgtmark button below my recent posts blidget.




One response

13 02 2007


Widgets are small, add on programs that allow users to do basic tasks from finding stock quotes, weather information, serving as a calculator, etc. Apple calls their widget collection a “dashboard” (you can add dictionary widgets, business updates, mys…

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