happy new y….no, wait it’s only 11

31 12 2006

for the past four new years i’ve found myself in exactly the position i’m in right now.  limbo.

after forty years of living in the eastern time zone, my idea of new years celebration is tied to the dropping of that ball above times square in new york.  to me, that moment is when the new year begins.  but it happened two hours ago and people here in california are still waiting to pour the champagne and find their date for the big kiss at midnight.  56 minutes from now.

the second year i was here i decided to celebrate when new york did.  boy did i get some strange reactions when I was being all gushy and happy at 9 in the evening! 

by this time of the evening on new years eve (50 minutes from midnight), i’m over it.  time square is almost empty by now, except all that confetti and noisemakers and plastic champagne glasses.

but here people are rushing down the sidewalk to get to where ever they want to be in 48 minutes when they are going so celebrate the year being 3 hours old.    LOL

i’ve made most of the adjustments to west coast living.  i never wake my parents up at 1:00 in the morning by calling at 10pm any more.  i get that the business day is in the morning here.  the afternoon is just for us west coasters.  but after four new year’s eves, i still don’t get why new years starts three hours after the ball has dropped.

whether you’ve been to bed and are awake again in the new year or waiting it out like all these people around here, i want to thank all of you who have shared so much of yourselves with me in 2006.  once again i’ve learned more this past year than i’ll ever remember, but i wouldn’t change anything about the year that has been.

2007 is full of new opportunities, new friends and new ideas.  if only the last 40 minutes of this wait would just disappear!




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