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13 12 2006

nancy white has republished her article "blogs and community – launching a new paradigm for online community?" on her own website.  (it was originally published on the knowledge tree in september.) in the light of my last post, let me say that nancy is one of the researchers who i think serves our field well. 

"blogs and community" is a must read article for anyone interested in communities of practice and/or blogging.  if you are a community leader for a cop, particularly if you are using blog(s) as your primary vehicle in your community, nancy’s thoughts are indispensible.  i’ve been carrying a copy around with me constantly since september.  it’s covered with also sorts of notes and ideas related to my work as community leader of learning circuits blogtony karrer and i have discussed the article which was a major impetus behind our starting the big question on lcb.

not surprisingly, nancy reports that she just found out that this article has been nominated for an edublog award.  congrats to nancy and thanks for the leadership.



One response

14 12 2006
Nancy White

Hey, I’m looking forward to learning about the notes and conversations you and Tony have had! A couple of days this post appeared, which has stimulated my thinking

Tom has some really great thoughts to look at the framework (or really EXTEND the framework) by examining it from the individual bloggers’ perspectives and actions within the group or network.

So many ideas, so little time!

Thanks again


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