blog dimensions

3 12 2006

lilia effimova is developing a tool to help characterize work-related blogs along a scale of personal to business in regard to who controls, contributes and reads a blog.  she’s invited anyone to contribute to here efforts by completing the scale for their blog.  sounded fun, so here’s mine.

we were asked to fill out several scales based on criteria that lilia provides on how personal or how business driven that item was for our blog.


from that input, the following chart is derived.  the more  toward the center the array is, the more personally focused the blog. 


overall, i think this is a great tool.  There are few things that need to be considered in revision.

  1. the tool assumes that the blogger works for an organization (company, university, etc) that they don’t own or control.  thus affiliation with company doesn’t really apply to an independent contractor, someone "between jobs" or a graduate student. 
  2. process decision making and content decision making really have a third or even 4th dimension.  i know alot of bloggers watch what their readership seems to be reading and then publish more in that area.  another would be the blogosphere itself as an influencer.  this post is more a reaction to the fact that a number of the bloggers i read regularly had analyzed their blogs with lilia’s tool.
  3. i’m not sure that the individual scales all have the same weight or value.  what i mean is that for a personal blog like mine, an answer of fully personal (the left most box) on the "content control" is a positive.  but because my intent is to help myself and my readers understand business issues the same answer to "blog uses" would be horrible.  so is it better to have a circle closely bundled around the center of the array or one that follows the outward edges?
  4. i will be interested to see what the "norm" is for the array chart.  especially if it were to be analyzed along the lines of company blogs, employee blogs, and consultants’ blogs.

but like i say, this is a great tool.  my callouts are merely refinements.  Thanks Lilia.



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