post 100 on e e learning

6 10 2006

i just happened to notice the other day that i was coming up on this milestone for e e learning.  this indeed is post  #100.    Seeing that I began writing e e learning in January 2004, my rate of publishing won’t be challenging Robert Scoble or Arianna Huffington.   but it is somewhat unbelieveable for me to comprehend. 

I’ve always struggled with writing.  As a colleague of mine said to me once, "its clear from the way you speak that you have intelligent thoughts, but it’s torture getting it to your fingers!"   by blogging, i’ve given myself more chances to write informally. the result is that writing is much easier for me today.

because of both my work on e e learning and as blogmeister for learning circuits blog (thanks again jay!), i’ve had the motivation to teach myself tech skills (html, css, some java script, etc) 

I’ve come to know dozens of new colleagues from all over the globe.  these connections allow me the opportunity to participate in the development and editing stages of three books (jay cross on metrics and informal learning and george siemens on knowing knowledge), help create the beta version of jay’s informal learning experience, serveral conference presentations, and authoring or co-authoring of several articles.

and i’ve learned about myself.   what motivates me?  what are my strengths?   I’ve experimented with,  new technologies to enhance my blogs.  (both eelearning and lcb have wikis associated with them, cocomment and mysyndicaat, etc.).   i’ve toyed around with voice and how i present myself, and  i’ve found a way to communicate through the written word that actually doesn’t stress me out.

today i have five blogs in some sort of state of exisitence.  besides eelearning and learning circuits blog, i occasionally post to a blog on  and another on myspace.  i also recently started a blog called divanet. divanet is a blog written by my dog, diva.  for me it is a real stretch, but thus far a comfortable one, into the very new territory of creative writing.   i’m having fun with it.    i also have the two wikis i created – one for eelearning and the other for lcb and two ning application (one as the discussion forum in eelearning wiki and the other is a web 2.0 review that is a companion to eelearning wiki).

So that’s 100 down.  Now let’s see if I can crank out posts 101 -200 a little faster than the first 100! 



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