the mother of all mashups

24 09 2006

david coleman over at collaboration strategies posts about a potentially awesome mashup that currently will allow you to link four web 2.0 applications (, inetword, thumbstacks, and sharemethods is the starting set) and work interactively between them.  the promise is that this mashup will be so compelling that a critical mass of web 2.0 applications will sign on and do the work necessary to interact with the mashup.
it will be interesting to see if key players in the web 2.0 office arena will be willing to unbundle their "suites" so that they can be selected individually be the end user.  this would be especially beneficial when on component of a vendor’s suite is best in it’s class but the others in their suite are average or mediocre.  will google be happy with you using just google spreadsheet?
there is a demo you can watch to see what it should be like.  If you are a salesforce customer, you can find in as a salesforce extension at the appexchange
coleman nor any of the four initial contributors say anything about an expected availability for a version tht could be purchased standalone.   nor is there any discussion of price or individual access to the mashup.  it’s my guess that the business model is still evolving as they are likely woeing other web office applications.
no matter what becoems of this particular application, it should turn out to be the cornerstone of the realization of a powerful, let flexible integrated web office suite.  this is what microsoft has been fearing (or at least what many pundits have said they should be fearing.)



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