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19 09 2006

i’m please to announce that i’ve launched a ning mash-up to enable more interactivity around web 2.0 applications than my wiki doesn’t allow.  navigate on over to my ning application for web 2.0 review and you can add a review of any application you’d like, or simply react to a review i or someone else has already published.  just for fun, the mash up includes a google map. so be prepared to figure out where in the world your application is made.

i’ve also put the initial finishing touches on an online project portfolio that examines 3 major projects i’ve lead.  i’m using the carbonmade application which is designed for artists, graphic artists and photographers.  it makes for a interesting approach discussion business projects but centering then on the visuals that are a part of them.



3 responses

19 09 2006
Brent Schlenker

I love NING. This is very cool. Nice job. I’ll link it up over at the PeopleAggregator group site.

19 09 2006
dave lee

ning is the coolest thing, i agree. what’s the most amazing is what gina her gang did to change ning from it’s first version. i’m formatting the new q&a tool to serve as the faq for eelearning wiki!

19 09 2006
dave lee

oops, I meant the discussion board, not the faq.

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