how innovators think

14 09 2006

george siemens points to an article on 10 ways that youthful technologists think about innovation from technology review by Jason Pontin.  here are the ten ways:

  1. successful innovators are famously untroubled by the prospect of
  2. many innovators appreciate failure.
  3. innovators commonly recognize that “problems
    and questions are the limiting resource in innovation.”
  4. innovators
    find inspiration in disparate disciplines.
  5. Innovation flourishes when organizations allow third-party
    experimentation with their products.
  6.  Fra­gility is the enemy of innovation: systems should boast broad
    applications and be unbreakable.
  7. Real
    innovators delight in giving us what we want: solutions to our
    difficulties and expansive alternatives to our established ways.
  8. They are, it is true, sometimes perplexed by our ignorance of our own
  9. Innovators can divine needs by applying a utilitarian imperative: they ask, Would the innovation help someone now?
  10. Many innovators become technologists because they want to better the world.

Now that doesn’t seem so difficult, does it? ­

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