i thought the "e” was going away

11 09 2006

not surprisingly when doing an ego search on “eelearning,” i was delighted to see jim forde’s post eelearning <– (that’s not a typo) on his edtechnot.com blog. i was surprised to see it wasn’t talking about this blog but about a call for papers by jim morrison in his newsletter for innovate.

we have become familiar with “e-learning” or (e)lectronic learning,which uses communication technologies to connect students andinstructors separated by distance and/or by time, and to providestudents with access to learning resources and interaction. and thereis a long history of (e)xperiential education, where learning takesplace in the “real world” of work and service and governing and theother institutions we create to organize our encounters and interests.

historically, electronic and experiential learning have been unique and separatedomains of study and practice. the joining of the two e’s in“ee-learning” provides an opportunity to define and organize anemerging pedagogy that brings together these two domains.

seems as many are trying to get the “e” out of elearning, mr. morrison wants to add another. it seems to me that eelearning is no more that a form of just-in-time learning or workflow learning. his questions toward the end of the excerpt forde includes are provocative nonetheless. what does become of the university if all learning were to become embedded in workplace settings?

(PS – I was also surprised that this was the first time this post had appeared in my searches, maybe google has a glitch! oh, my!)

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22 09 2006

I have actually been part of both sides of the e-learning format, as I’ve been both a student and a teacher in a distance learning capactity. However, this ee-learning is a brand new term and concept for me. Thanks for “broadening my horizons”!

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