and you think facilitating at 8am is tough!

30 06 2006

ran across this two part webcast recording at webcast academy – which was linking to them orginal files at   

conversation with albert, part 1 download mp3 ( 56:28, 25.8MB)

conversation with albert, part 2 download mp3 ( 40:58, 18.7MB)   

this astounding webcast features albert – a blind, sufi, self-labeled hippie teacher in a refugee camp in western sahara. the first 8-10 minutes are pretty slow as the show’s hosts help albert with some technical issues. but for the next 90+ minutes, albert paints a picture so stark and so genuine that you can almost feel the sand brushing against your cheek and the desert sun beating against your shoulders.

make no mistake, albert may have alot of things making life nearly horrific by developed world standards, but he is a teacher of the highest caliber. to hear him talk of a female student who overcame the oppression that comes with being born west saharan (10 out of 10 babies born today will be dead by this time next year, Albert tells us), the gender bias that comes from being born into a conservative muslim society, and an education system that usually, at best, teaches hygene and desert survival skills is to hear a teacher proud in the fact that he made a difference in at least one student’s life.

take the time to get to know albert through these webcasts.  It will be two hours you’ll remember for a very long time. 

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8 07 2006

Hi Dave . . . was thinking of you this morning and googled. Great photo of yourself, looks like everything is going very well for you – yay! Would love to chat/see you (and Diva) Lot’s to tell ! Some surprises !


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