they’ll be flocking to flock

15 05 2006

i’ve been playing with flock.  the new browser being built on top of the mozilla code.  this new browser is a leap forward in browser technology.  designed to incorporate social networking capabilities into a browser, flock does much more than let you share ideas and photos with your friends -which it does.  even in a pre-release version they call a developer preview, flock blows internet explorer, firefox, opera, and netscape out of the water. 

i’m still discovering features but the mega-feature is the top bar.   it takes the favorites bar that all browsers currently have feeds it some steroids and then sends it into hyperdrive! 

first, you are able to switch the content of the favorites bar to any collection of your favorites you have created.  (one flaw i’ve found thus far is that you can’t create sub-collections.)  highlighting the collection in the dropdown menu changes the top bar to list only those favorites in that collection.

the second section, at the bottom of the dropdown menu, is the real blow you away concept.  these are functional mini-programs within flock.  i’m guessing that the list will eventually be customizeable with add-ins and plug-ins you choose.  For now, the list is fun and impressive:

maps: you can drag and drop an address from a website and yahoo maps will find it and let you label it for future storage.

my blogs: you can set the preferences in this section to publish to just about any blog publishing platform.  if you have multiple blogs you can set all of them up and choose from a drop down menu to determine which blog you publish to.  very nifty when combined with using some of the other topbars.  it draws upon your blog’s catagories and let’s you add technorati tags as well.

photo browser: opens up your public stream of images from flickr.  you can then drag and drop an image from flickr into your blog.

photo uploader: allows you to drag and drop images from your desktop to flock to be uploaded to flickr.

shelf:  this is the coolest of the topbars so far.  You can grab just about anything you’d like from a webpage (image, text, url, etc.) drag and drop it to the shelf and then switch to my blog and drag and drop it right into your blog entry.  awesome!

technorati: supposedly it will track the conversations generated by blog posts and report them back when you drop the URL for the post onto the topbar.  but i’ve yet to find a post that has a conversation that technorati recognizes.

the user’s guide is already a great resource as they have been building it along with the application.  looking at some of the features being built in for the May beta, this tool is already the best browser available.  check it out either now, or when the beta is released in the next few weeks.

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One response

16 05 2006
Will Pate

Hey Dave,

Glad to hear you’re liking Flock. Our first beta, Cardinal, is coming out later this month. We’d love to hear what you think of it again then.


Will Pate
Community Ambassador, Flock

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