i’m back

2 05 2006

so, how could i have let almost a month go by without posting.  well part of it’s been work related as i’ve ramped up to a new job and, at the same time, prepared much of my client company’s activities for the nab2006 convention (nab = national association of broadcasters for those unfamiliar).  it was a new conference for me.  it was amazing.  sure the 105,000 attendees and 1600+ exhibitors were impressive.  some of the exhibits were so expansive and so over the top.  i have dreams that i’m still trying to find my way out of the avid metroplex!  and the way las vegas took this gargantuan gathering without a visible flex to it’s infrastructure was truly astounding. 

above all of these things though was the amazing transformation that the 100,000+ people involved in the conference were and are diligently working toward.   from companies like my current client who are creating appliances to enable just about anyone to create and distribute full rich media content, fully indexed and synchronized with the push of a button to apple with their ipod and sony and the others with their "me too" players.  and the companies demonstrating their work in 3d.  yes, jim, the holodeck is not a matter of if, but only a matter of when. 

and to the attendees, these things weren’t way out there.   it’s more now, than tomorrow.  in the four days in vegas i realized that i can mark #4 off on my predictions for 2006. this year is the tipping point for when text will begin to take a back seat to video, audio and images as our major means of communication.



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