web 2.0 obsession

11 03 2006

Web_20_poll_results_1 i’ve closed the poll regarding how often you check out web 2.0 applications.   in the stretch, "every few days" lunged for the line and pulled out the win.  i guess that it says something about my readership that no one admitted to not checking out web 2.0 applications.  seems there are a lot of forward thinking folks out there lurking in the shadows.  i like that.  welcome.

i have to admit i’m in the catagory of folks who can’t get enough.  i answered "a couple of times a day."  although that hasn’t been the case recently both by accident and by design.  life has conspired to keep my computer hours down recently, but i’m also trying to ease back from the insanity of keeping up with every new mash up and application.

of course, what did i just do?  as i was closing a browser window something caught my eye about the  best web 2.0 applications for 2006 clicked the link to dion hinchcliffe’s web 2.0 blog and then spent the last 20 minutes checking out stickam.

i’ll be posting a new poll as soon as i decided on the question i want to ask y’all.



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