am i a rich, spoiled brat?

20 02 2006

i realized while commenting on a post on cogdogblog that i sounded like and feel like one of those kids under the christmas tree on christmas morning whose parents are getting annoyed because they know that there are 20 more presents for me to unwrap – including the big surprise – yet i won’t stop playing with the first five gifts i’ve opened. why do i feel like this?  it’s this darn web2.0 thing.  everytime i turn around there’s a new application for me to try out.  but i don’t have time to play with them all.  but they’re all so nice.

don’t you touch that.

that’s mine!

i feel greedy when i go hunting for new applications to tryout and use.  i want to find that next hot app that no one has talked about yet so i can "break the news" to my friends and impress them with my 2.0 savvy.  it’s almost addictive.

maybe someone should slow down the flow some how.  just like those parents of my inner spoiled brat shouldn’t buy so many presents to put under the tree.  of course that’ll never happen so let’s see…..

was i playing with cocomment…

or was it blinklist?



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