at internet speed

7 02 2006

do you ever get a qweezy feeling that everything is moving way faster that you perceive you are going?  i recently ran across three sets of data that demonstrate exactly how fast we are moving.


first, on the internet describes the internet, i found this artifact from the jurassic period of the internet.  yes, that’s correct.  1985!   just 20 years ago, you could respresent the internet on one 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper?  well that’s exactly what marty lyons did.  i’ll also point out the warning at the bottom of the map.  "This map may be reproduced but may not be sold for profit.  sure sounds like a creative commons attribution-noncommercial license to me!

my second bit of data comes from a presentation that tony o’driscoll of ibm  gave at the innovations in elearning symposium last june.   in his presentation, tony ask the question how long will it take for the "codified information base of the world" to double in the year 2010.  think about it.  if you’d like, go over to the left sidebar and enter your anwer in the quick poll before you hit the continuation button below.

so what did you guess?  6 months?  3 months?  2 years?

wrong!  11 hours!  just think of it. When you sit down to diner there will be two as much information in the world as there was that morning when you had breafast.  What’s more is that it will double again before you have breakfast tomorrow morning! 

so these two data points seem to be a tremendous distance away from each other.  you sure they are on the same line?  well steve rubel points to david sify’s state of the blogosphere post for some numbers that astound.   i wont repeat all the statistics, but here are a few key data points.  technorati now monitors 19.6 million blogs.  they project that that will double in the next 5.5 years.    they also note that there are 33,000 blog posts every day.  no wonder your rss aggregator is running slow these days!

so there you have it.  proof that the internet is moving faster than is humanly possible.  the next time you feel that qweezy feeling ya might s well pop a dramamine.  it isn’t going to get any better!



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