how do you teach this stuff?

21 02 2006

for the past month or so, jay cross and i have been fighting our way through the flurry of web 2.0 and mash-ups and the critical acclaim for them by the pundits who are convinced the tipping point to world-wide collaboration has come to pull together a set of learning experiences designed to help more mainstream learning professionals understand these new technologies and how they might best be used in the real world.

jay landed on the idea of calling what we are working on an unworkshop.  it made sense as soon as i saw it in his email.  we had to break from the typical "immerse them in the razzle-dazzle of the new stuff and they shall be converted" technique that has failed so often in the past.  but it’s difficult.  it tests ones very temper as jay and i can both relate to.

alan levine just responded to a comment by me on his blog, cogdogblog, with the following list of errors made when innovators try to cross moore’s chasm to bring innovations to the early adopters in the mass of the market:

  • assume the technology itself is exciting enough to bring them over the barrier
  • try and persuade them with a fire hose of stuff, when a smaller concentrated dose is better (I wrote of this recently (
  • despite the volume of information on differences between innovators and main stream technology users, we use the approaches that appeal to the innovators.
  • approach the task via a workshop mentality- it ends up being a short intensive burst of learning that has little stick. We do not do as much scaffolding, follow-up, creating mentorships, etc to make it more as on going learning.

of course, now that we’re less than a week from the launch of the pilot of our unworkshop, jay and i are scrambling to get everything ready.  my role is to act as a coach to the participants before during and after the "instruction."  while we can take some

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am i a rich, spoiled brat?

20 02 2006

i realized while commenting on a post on cogdogblog that i sounded like and feel like one of those kids under the christmas tree on christmas morning whose parents are getting annoyed because they know that there are 20 more presents for me to unwrap – including the big surprise – yet i won’t stop playing with the first five gifts i’ve opened. why do i feel like this?  it’s this darn web2.0 thing.  everytime i turn around there’s a new application for me to try out.  but i don’t have time to play with them all.  but they’re all so nice.

don’t you touch that.

that’s mine!

i feel greedy when i go hunting for new applications to tryout and use.  i want to find that next hot app that no one has talked about yet so i can "break the news" to my friends and impress them with my 2.0 savvy.  it’s almost addictive.

maybe someone should slow down the flow some how.  just like those parents of my inner spoiled brat shouldn’t buy so many presents to put under the tree.  of course that’ll never happen so let’s see…..

was i playing with cocomment…

or was it blinklist?

m-learning update

19 02 2006

the learned man!, aka ankush gupta provides a very nice summary and update on mlearning. 

at internet speed

7 02 2006

do you ever get a qweezy feeling that everything is moving way faster that you perceive you are going?  i recently ran across three sets of data that demonstrate exactly how fast we are moving.


first, on the internet describes the internet, i found this artifact from the jurassic period of the internet.  yes, that’s correct.  1985!   just 20 years ago, you could respresent the internet on one 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper?  well that’s exactly what marty lyons did.  i’ll also point out the warning at the bottom of the map.  "This map may be reproduced but may not be sold for profit.  sure sounds like a creative commons attribution-noncommercial license to me!

my second bit of data comes from a presentation that tony o’driscoll of ibm  gave at the innovations in elearning symposium last june.   in his presentation, tony ask the question how long will it take for the "codified information base of the world" to double in the year 2010.  think about it.  if you’d like, go over to the left sidebar and enter your anwer in the quick poll before you hit the continuation button below.

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