check out frappr!

7 01 2006

if you click on the map below, you will be taken to the edublogger frappr site.  frappr, other than being one of the latest sites to buy into the "drop the final e to be cool" sites ala flickr, soonr, etc., is a sight that joins groups around yahoo! maps.   in this case, all the little air balloons mark someone who is blogging about education or using blogs in education.  go ahead, sign up!

var frappr_mapheight = 300;
var frappr_mapwidth = 300;
var frappr_maplat = 37.47;
var frappr_maplon = -122.46;
var frappr_mapzoom = 15;
var frappr_host = “”;var gid = 16627;

the one tricky part is that you need to add your url for your blog(s) in the "shout out" section of your profile.  once you’re set up, you can connect to friends, find and join other communities that interest you, participate in community forums, and so on.




One response

21 02 2006
Josie Fraser

Thanks for the head’s up! Frappr is pretty clunky right now, but it’s so great to have a visual rep it’s worth putting up with the stress. And if anyone gets into real problems, they can always contact me to delete stuff.

I love ee cummings stuff btw. I’ve been reading my son all the stuff he wrote for his daughter recently, and the Enormous Room is one of my favorite books ever.

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