yes, group blogs are special

30 11 2005

there’s a great discussion of personal versus group blogging going around. aaron nelson gives a good overview in his post teacher in development  :: blogging: personal vs. group.  as the editor/blogmeister of a team blog – in fact, one of my authors effectively announces his resignation from learning circuits blog in a post on his blog – the dialoge has a good message for me.  a truly group blog isn’t a collection of individuals just spouting off in various directions.  to have a value as a group blog, there needs to be some sort of community demonstrated on the pages of the blog.  some teamwork or at least organized animosity (think pbs’s crossfire). 

believe me, i’ve struggled with the hassle of having to choose between my personal blog and my group blog.  poor eelearning here was left fallow for much of the summer. but I do believe there are benefits to both formats.

i’ve got some more reading to do – it’s a hot discussion – but i’m learning from my fellow bloggers.  in essence that’s what the feature, beyond the blog (see previous post), that we’re running on LCB is all about.




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