going beyond the blog

27 11 2005

63984050_077a09127e_o over on learning circuits blog we launched what i hope will be an exciting feature which we are calling, "beyond the blog."  the basic concept is to break out of the traditional mold of post-comment, post-comment, post-comment.   in that traditional blog format a topic is only discussed as long as it stays in the #1 position on the first page.  on a team blog that can literally be 20 minutes (or it can be weeks, you never know what the other authors are going to do. 

so with beyond the blog i’m hoping that we can get some longer term discussions going.  we’re also breaking from the blog routine by opening up discussion wikis on five themes related to our topic.

the first topic we chose to use is a revisit to a post from learning circuits blog from november of 2003 by sam adkins.  in "we are the problem: we’re selling snake oil," adkins says that training, elearning, blended learning, and knowledge management aren’t working.  they don’t return value to a company.  (he’s only addressing corporate markets).  it drew a tremendous reaction from both those who agreed with him and those who were not so pleased.

come on over to my "other blog" and join in on the fun!



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