creative people of the world unite

20 10 2005

i’ve been doing some work on my personal brand recently and, not surprising, one of the traits listed as a strength for me is creativity.  in the narrative on this strength i’m advised that:

the solutions, ideas, and initiatives that you offer will often be seen by others as unusual, unique, and unexpected. this will probably cause others to frame you as a creative person useful in addressing issues that do not have standard solutions.

it’s crazy, but even their description of this "strength" seems to beg off at the end almost apologizing for saying "you do understand this means you’re going to be seen as one of "those" – a creative person.  well, you do have your health."  bah!  stop the apologies.  ‘…addressing issues that do not have standard solutions?"  if that’s the limit of the domain i have to work in for the rest of my career, i’ll be one busy man.  because more and more of business is requiring non-standard solutions. 

so my fellow creatives out there, grab your copy of florida’s rise of the creative class, keep focused on those issues that do not have standard solutions, and I’ll meet you in the board room, soon.



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