the blog bubble?

9 05 2005

i recently ran across this graph of data from a survey by workforce management regarding people’s use of blogs.  interesting that we keep hearing how ubiquitous blogs are becoming.  seems there may be more hype than reality to those claims.  take into account that their audience is web savy and the numbers look even bleaker!



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11 05 2005
Scott Sorley

I think you are probably right in one sense. Blogs are attractive just because they are blogs, and before blogs people with regularly updated useful interested web pages probably enjoyed the save success. I think the phenomena of the blog technology making web sites easy to use and update is great, but like all technology the hype probably overshadows the substance.

21 05 2005
Nick Roy

Very eye-opening graphic. One reason for this is there is hardly any good HR blogs out there that HR professionals can use. I use my blog, The HR Blog, to publish articles related to my research in human resources. That is, actual articles and tools that HR professionals can use.

Another can be that HR professionals don’t know how to use blogs for their professional development. So, how can an HR professional use blogs for the professional development. Let’s say that someone is reading an interesting book related to human resources. If it is a textbook, there are objectives at the beginning of each chapter. They usually begin with action verbs such as explain, describe, or identify. After the reading the chapter, go back and try to “write in your own words” the answers to those objectives and try to “reflect” on your experiences. You will remember the concepts that much better. Also, learning is not about memorizing facts and figures, so do not memorize.

7 06 2005
* KC's Shiny Happy eThoughts *

Blog Usage Graph!

The ‘real’ usage of blogs?
I was reading a blog called eeLearning and came across this really interesting posting with a very eye opening graph! A Research Center called Workforce Management put the graph together and it asks 355 particip…

15 06 2005

You’re right. Blogs are a great tool that could be used for the benefit of HR Professionals and their organisations, however, there is so much ‘fluff’ out there that it is difficult to distinguish what is good and will be of benefit and what is rubbish.

16 06 2005
Michael Specht

David, I’m not sure that the figures prove anything other than most HR professionals don’t know what a blog it. Since this survey was done there has been a fair large increase in the number of HR focused blogs appearing which is a good thing.

16 06 2005
"Getting in touch with the e-Learning phenomena"


In the process of locating a hub in the initial stages of the blogquest, I found a few potential hubs that appear to be experts in the field of e-learning. As a starting point I searched through Stephens Downes website and flicked through his blogrol…

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