blogs and informal learning

17 03 2005

one of the prime rules of blogging has to be that good information can come from just about any source.  while going through my email, i decided to click on what was obviously an unsolicited newsletter from a vendor.  the concept of an enterprise wiki sucked me in.  i’m not sold on that idea.

but what did make me want to blog was ideas raised in another article in the newsletter entitled three rules for sharing informal knowledge.  the author suggests that the three defining qualities of information found in blog (which imho would have been the better title for the article) are:

  1. immediacy
  2. interactivity
  3. informality

he then goes on to say:

companies start to take seriously the idea that something written in an
informal tone can be just as valuable as something that has been
copy edited and when they start to get comfortable with the
self-correcting effect that comes when knowledge workers share
information they will be amazed how much more powerful their
information resources will be.

i think he hits on a couple of concepts that are barriers to adoption by most organizations.  first, corporate control of information.    there have been several recent articles companies trying to control blogs/bloggers (apple suing bloggers for releasing information on tiger or the delta flight attendant fired for blogging about her travels.)  i’m not going to weigh in on right or wrong, but leave it at i don’t think many companies, particularly their legal departments are ready to relinquish control of information.   hit the continuation below to read the rest.

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my apologies

17 03 2005

sorry to my readers who might have run into the spam comments posted to this blog. i believe i’ve eradicated them all! that’ll teach me to blog a bit more frequently!

egad! a term paper!

12 03 2005

in addition to my job search, learning circuits blog, and a few other miscellaneous projects; i’m taking a class at san francisco state toward earning an m.ed. eventually. this week i’ve been thinking about our major project for the semester – an oral presentation of a topic of our choosing backed up by a paper.

the presentation piece doesn’t bother me. i’ve done hundreds of presentations under much higher pressure with little time to prepare. and powerpoint is my buddy, so no problems there. but earlier this week i realized i haven’t done a research paper in over 20 years! eek! i barely recall how i went about it. but then again the processes i used as an undergrad were so tool focused – index card for note taking, legal pad after legal pad of scratchings, scrallings, and references to books stuck back on a library shelf they’d lived on undisturbed for 20 years since the last student had checked them out before me. pencils for first drafts, which would inevitably be cut apart and taped back together in a way that made more sense. practicing using white out liquid paper so the final draft of my paper would look as error free as possible.

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