credibility for informal learning

28 02 2005

have to admit that it’s always kind of bugged me that i took to the arguments and data regarding the prevalence of informal learning in the workplace.  i hardly blinked at the statistic that 80% of all learning is outside of formal learning contexts like instructor lead training.   it just made sense to me.  but why?

well one of the why’s hit me square between the eyes the other day as i was working on my job search "elevator pitch".  what dawned on me was that i took to the concept of informal learning because that’s exactly how i’ve built my career.  i learned regression analysis from rebecca oxford when we were crunching numbers for a needs analysis at heinle & heinle and i needed

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workplace learning professions’ role in change

19 02 2005

godfrey parkin has an excellent post regarding change agentry in learning. in his post he provides a good list of things learning professionals should consider doing to prepare themselves for the changes that will reshape our field.

there is one further suggestion i’d add to the list. where ever possible look into spending a year or two elsewhere in the company. get out of the world of 8 month development cycles and into your business’s business. with more and more companies embracing spider-web career paths(moving around the company rather than straight up one functional area), this will be easier to do than in the past.

when you return to the learning and development group, you have a better appreciation of what your colleagues need and how best to deliver it to them.

happy birthday to eelearning!

14 02 2005

i just realized the other day that i’ve been, off and on, blogging here for over a year! wow! it’s been an interesting year. ups and downs, times of dedicated blogging and times of barely being able to remember the administrative url. recently i’ve been a bit quiet here because 1) i’ve been in full job search mode and 2) i’ve recently taken on the role of blogmeister/editor for the learning circuits blog affiliated with astd’s learning circuits online magazine. i’m very excited about this new role and am hoping we can make lcb a model of what blogging can be. check it out!