being real on leadership

26 01 2005

surfing around for ideas on leadership i ran across executive coach joel garfinkle’s list of ten characteristics found in leaders – move up toward leadership. i like about garfinkle’s list is that it feels authentic. so many of these “characteristics of leaders” lists include today’s latest fads. She must be comfortable with matrixed organizations. He needs to be an expert coach who can manage change.

garfinkle instead gets honest talks about leaders who “know who they are

and are proud of who they are.” he says leaders “never question themselves,” but “they know when to seek advice.”

i would guess the reason most stay away from these softer, less
trendy descriptions of leaders, is that teaching someone to be proud of
themselves or to listen to their inner voice is a much messier
proposition than handing someone a book on matrixed organizations and
telling them the answer is “in there.” good leadership is an art.
it’s intuitive. many say it’s genetically coded in us at birth (i hope
not!!!). it’s definitely not five bullets on a powerpoint slide and
we’re done.

what do you think? hit the comment button below and let us know
what your thoughts on being a good leader are. if you need to reach
me, just email dave.



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