business process mgmt vs. project management

6 01 2005

the last few days i’ve been playing with the demo version of ultimus process designer, one of the leading business process management tools on the market. very powerful too which is quite easy to understand how it works at a basic entry level. it’s feeds into ultimus bpm suite of tools which help automate business processes. at least according to their marketing content on their website, it’s also written with a very open architecture which can import/export to a wide range of mainstream business tools.

as i worked with it, a question rose in my mind, does this export to microsoft project? some of the interface has very much a feel like project. and the content has many intersection points with

the content you capture in project. surprisingly, microsoft – nor
any of it’s competitors – wasn’t in the list of programs you can export
to. hmmm.

this could be a serious oversight as bpm gathers steam in the minds
of executives seeking more and more efficient operations. bpm is a
planning tool to document current processes, model possible options and
detail out specifications for process automation. project is a
workload forecasting and planning tool. It also serves as a means of
documenting the process as it moves along and reforecasting when
necessary. these products have arisen from different arena to solve
different business failings and needs – which just so happen to be
closely related. i hope ultimus and microsoft, or others, are working
on bridging that gap. if not this particular bpm tool will be creating process inefficiencies.

anyone wanna chime in with their knowledge of where bpm is going or
how bpm can help or impede the learning were here to enhance? just hit
the comment link below and chime away!



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