being real on leadership

26 01 2005

surfing around for ideas on leadership i ran across executive coach joel garfinkle’s list of ten characteristics found in leaders – move up toward leadership. i like about garfinkle’s list is that it feels authentic. so many of these “characteristics of leaders” lists include today’s latest fads. She must be comfortable with matrixed organizations. He needs to be an expert coach who can manage change.

garfinkle instead gets honest talks about leaders who “know who they are

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help out the little guy

16 01 2005

if you have been lurking this past week – my site stats say you do exist – you may have noticed a little construction job happening at the bottom of the right hand column. i finally finished my first booklist for this blog. it’s a list of the books that i’m either now reading or are in the pile on my nightstand waiting to be read. this list is the books i’m reading or skimming through to learn more about topics in my professional life. i’ll also be posting a list of the books i’m reading for personal enjoyment and edification.

being the voracious reader that i am, bookstores have Powellsmapalways been a favorite place for me. my favorite bookstore of any i’ve been in is powells “city of books” bookstore in portland, oregon. (click on the map to the right for a larger version) it’s a wonderful experience. if you like books, powells is one of the few surviving independent bookstores.

i recently stumbled upon their web store, it blows amazon out of the water when it comes….

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business process mgmt vs. project management

6 01 2005

the last few days i’ve been playing with the demo version of ultimus process designer, one of the leading business process management tools on the market. very powerful too which is quite easy to understand how it works at a basic entry level. it’s feeds into ultimus bpm suite of tools which help automate business processes. at least according to their marketing content on their website, it’s also written with a very open architecture which can import/export to a wide range of mainstream business tools.

as i worked with it, a question rose in my mind, does this export to microsoft project? some of the interface has very much a feel like project. and the content has many intersection points with

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