adapt or die

5 12 2004

most are familiar with the survival of the fittest concept in darwin’s evolutionary theory. another lesser spoken concept is that of adapt or die. when confronted with a radical environmental change, all living things must either adapt to the new environment or perish – being replaced by either organisms which are “native” to the new environment or more adaptable organisms.

why the science lecture? because we learning professionals – the facilitators, the designers, the smes, the event coordinators and those who lead and/or support them are in danger of extinction. our environment has dramatically changed on us. the new environment of accountability and core vs. non-core competancy views our field’s old ways (considering a 79% “liked it” level 1 rating as reason to continue a course, paying lip service to including the clients of our training in it’s development, building courses and hoping “they’ll” come) as poisonous.

i believe that what this new environment is demanding from learning
will destroy training and development/human resource
development/learning departments, as we know them. a world of metrics, strategic alignments, performance enhancements, talent lifecyles is going to demand new competencies from anyone who will be working in learning. finance, data mining, marketing (internal and external), research methodology, familiarity with wireless, mobile and autonomous technologies, strategic maps are all going to become part of our lives – if we survive the transition.

it’s already happened in some companies where hrd departments have
been eliminated or significantly reduced. believe me, if we don’t
change, there are outsourcing vendors or other groups with in the
company who will gladly step up to the plate – with the requisite
competencies – and knock one out of the park with the applause of the
executive leading the cheer from the grandstands.

the changes that we are confronted with today aren’t going to go
away. if we don’t learn how to become business people – the business
people will learn how to be learning professionals.

agree? disagree? hit the comment button below and let us know what you think. if you need to reach me email dave.



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