starting again

30 11 2004

well after a long hiatus, i’m getting back to this. i fell into one of the employment traps that is so easy for me – giving everything to the company and leaving little time for dave, inc. i’ll blog about my 14 month experience in corporate learning in a few days, but i’ll summarize it as tremendously educational both professionally and personally. i have a few shining achievements i can put on my resume, but more importantly, i’ve learned an immeasurable amount about who i am and how i may or may not be able to contribute to a corporate learning setting. i’ll share as i piece it all together.

i figured a new beginning was cause for a new layout, color scheme and some updates to the blog roll and link lists. when i got to the administrative side of e e learning i was pleasant surprised that typepad had installed a wysiwyg editing area. yay! i have no hesitation endorsing typepad to anyone who is looking for a blog authoring tool for the web-novice just venturing into the blogosphere.

finally, let me say a bit about the quote in the banner at the top of the page. (thanks to jay cross who happened to have it in his email signature for a while back in the spring. i was looking for the exact wording and had given up hope when jay unknowingly solved my mystery!)

there’s a lot of talk going about regarding the individual learner and their autonomy, power, etc. in the learning path. i believe that cummings provides good insight into the baffling nature of motivation in formal and informal learning settings. my learning is solely in my hands, because it is my universe. and it’s yours. and his. and theirs. but, as far as I can determine, there’s only one universe that we all share. think about that one for long and you’ll look like one of escher’s mobius strips!

i’m back and bloggin’! please hit the comments button below and go off on these ideas! and always, feel free to email dave.

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