webinar: jay cross on emergent learning

10 04 2004

unfortunately, i won’t be able attend this webinar due to an all day meeting, but if you want a glimpse into the potential future of corporate learning, sign up for this session. it will run from 3-4pm this tuesday (april 13). if jay or horizonlive publish a link to a recording of this session, i’ll post it here too. i’ve had the fortune to get to know jay and have tremendous respect for his sense of where things are going in our world.

9 principles of good practice for assessing student learning

7 04 2004

i ran across a link to 9 principles of good practice for assessing student learning while stumbling around the web. it is a set of guiding principles for assessment that the american association of higher education (aahe).

it’s a nice set of principles and quite comprehensive. but this document, and some of the principles themselves, are very specific to the higher education market. i’m wondering how much effort it would take to translate them to something that would effectively cover the corporate education space. would the meaning get lost in the translation? would the time and effort to translate them be worth it?

what do you thing? hit the comment button below and let’s hear what you have to say. does anyone out there know of a similar set of principles for evaluation for corporate learning? if you do, or just want to say hello, email dave.