blogs as elearning tools

31 01 2004

here’s a great example of how a blog can be used as an educational tool. blog on blogs: a weblog review was a the collaborative class project of the introduction to new media studies course at richard stockton college of new jersey this past fall.

see jill walker’s definition of weblogs and the class’s analysis of weblogs using nine common factors of blog make-up:

  1. identity
  2. design
  3. content
  4. time
  5. linking
  6. blog roll
  7. inbound links
  8. discussion/comments
  9. audience analysis

a very thorough rubric by which to examine the quality and scope of a blog. i would think that an instructional designer charged with creating a blog for educational purposes would do well to examine how they are addressing these nine factors.

a great contribution to the world of educational blogging, alas, it seems, the authors have abandoned the site now that they are on to a new semester.

if you know of any other solid examples of blogs as educational tools i’d love to hear about them so i can include them here. just email dave with the link.



One response

16 03 2004

Although the authors may have abandoned the site, it’s at least still there online. That’s one of the biggest advantages of using blogs instead of clunky LMS’s like WebCT. It irks me to think of all the good learning and dialogue that is locked away or deleted behind WebCT authentication walls, never to be seen again.

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