fasten your seatbelts!

27 01 2004

Well, it’s the beginning of a new year and the various newsletters, magazines, and websites who follow elearning are full of predictions of what 2004 is going to be like. It seems, if you follow the general reasoning being put forth, that 2004 is going to be the year every dream comes true. I’m a little skeptical that we as an industry (are we an industry?) will be able to accomplish all that is dreamed of in 12 months, but reading through these predictions does give me an understanding of where this rollercoaster is headed. Here are links to a number of the predictions I’ve found. I’d love to get this blog started by hearing everyone’s take on any of the comments raised in the articles. happy new year!!!

five drivers that will change elearning in 2004
this consulting group advises that we’ll be dropping roi and blended for tvc and blurred!?!?! stop the insanity!!!!!

what will 2004 bring? chief learning officer magazine columnist kevin kruse looks at key areas of elearning and discussed what he sees over the next 12 months.

the year of great change is dawning consultant kevin wheeler sees massive systemic change in the way HR professionals and their customers conceive of themselves and their work.

it’s all about productivity nowsam adkins of the workflow learning institute sees upcoming advances in technology platforms and tools as the lever that will open a rush to bringing learning to the workstation of every employee.

top ten trends for 2004 identifies the key trends for e-business as developed by 80 industry experts. while this is broader than elearning, the trends will impact elearning and are very provocative.



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