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12 01 2004

athese links take you to blogs that are much more mature than my little venture here. as you will see, the real key to blogs is that they have the 2p’s perspective and personality. just as e e learning will explore corporate learning development from the perspective of someone trying to do it, each of these blogs is focused in one, or a few, direction. if you have any comments regarding these links, please hit the comment button at the end of this post and share them with everyone. if you have suggestions of links i should include here, then email dave.

this is a solid resource for anyone working in elearning. it covers the basic issues and is well traveled by elearning folks.

internet time group links
hosted by jay cross this blog is one of the centers of thought at the cutting edge of elearning. jay isn’t shy about voicing an opinion or about bringing in resources from far flung disciplines (i.e., neuropsychology or social networking) to make his point. your brain may be overstimulated here, but isn’t that the point!

JOHO the blog
david weinberger addresses metadata, design, digital right, politics, politics and politics. his perspective is that of a knowing skeptic. i like those.

a blog dedicated to exploring the future promise of mlearning. using the same blogging software that I am! the “m” is for mobile. can learning for employee populations at a distance, such as retail sales associates, be delivered through mlearning more efficiently and cost effectively than through instructor led training or elearning? seems we’re going to find out.

how people learn
a great site, stephen downes’ blog is dedicated to what we know about how people learn and how that knowledge can be applied in the classroom and online. Definitely a blog worth checking out.

the future of elearning research blog
mark oehlert’s blog covers new research in elearning. he also provides an incredible array of links on his blog.

a very taste full blog done in red and brown by scott leslie. the site covers course management tools, learning objects, and elearning standards – as well as whatever scott wants to post (ah, blogs are so freeing!)

michelle lamberson’s online learning freakout party zone
i can’t believe i’m adding this one to the list, but hey – charity starts at home – or in vancouver if you have a toonie on ya! i made the wonderful mistake of hiring michelle to work with me at webct what seems ages ago. the joking aside, michelle is a dedicated elearning profession. in fact, i think she’s been preachin’ the good word longer than me. i have no idea what her site is about, but i’m sure it’s good. (was that sincere enough michelle?) seriously take a look. but don’t be too surprised. she is a geologist by training.

and if blogs aren’t wild enough for you, try out a wiki. what’s a wiki? well cliki quicki here to a wiki that wambles about rikis…..ohhhhh, darn tongue twisters! wikis: hypertext on steroids.

here are a couple of nice wikis from my friend michelle up in vancouver where she’s some sort of elearning, online goddess at the university of british columbia.

UBCWiki: Homepage

UBCWiki: Collaborate



One response

21 04 2005
Scott Sorley

Hi Dave, checkout my blog at some stage.


I try to be creative and thought provoking – time will tell if I am successful I guess.


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